About us

For Every Taste!

The company expanded gradually by developing a modern production centre and diversifying its production. 

The company has installed a poultry processing line, quick freezing and calibration lines. It started to produce sausages and meat rolls. It also started to produce products from turkey. 

These achievements allow securing a solid position in the Lithuanian and European markets. 

The team is working 24/7 to maintain the highest quality of the products. 

We are constantly improving our industrial processes and technologies. 

Alevista JSC is a meet processing company, established under the highest European Union requirements and standarts and exporting more than 20% of its production to other European Union countries. In September 17 2014, Alevista JSC has inked an agreement on administration and financing ( no VP2-2.1-UM-04*K-05-218) under the instrument 'New Opportunities Lt'. The instrument is a part of larger financial program 'New foreign markets exploration and current markets development'. The project is financed by the European Union structural funds and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania.


Corporate History:

In 2004 as a company specializing in smoked poultry products

In 2006 Alevista starts producing meat rolls and other food products

In 2007 the company moves to a nnew production centre

In 2008 Alevista asquires a new chicken processing line, and starts selling pork products

In 2009 the company launches a new sausage processing line

In 2012 Alevista expands production facilities by adding indvidual quick freezing and calibration lines



 New freezing technology !

This new shock freezing technology used vibration celulars of product. After defrosting product feels like frech.